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An art initiative connecting communities around the world

What is StreetWindows?

Homes have windows, right? Why not create windows for our city to look through and see what’s going on in another city?
A street window is a screen, designed to look like a typical window, that establishes a live-streamed video connection to another community where people can catch glimpses of each other and interact in real time. 
StreetWindows bring diverse lifestyles and cultures to our attention to inspire us and to let us learn through observation and interaction, inviting us to think on our shared humanity to foster a lasting perspective of global citizenry.
StreetWindows reaches out to the most diverse communities around the world to establish global portals of understanding.

How to host?

StreetWindows helps set up screens for organizations and communities interested in connecting to other communities throughout the world. Screens can be installed in public spaces - either indoors or outdoors. The easiest place for a streetwindow is indoors in an outward facing location where it can be conveniently observed from outside.
If you have identified a publicly accessible space to host a streetwindow, we would love to help you make that happen.
If there is a community in the world that you would like to link to, we'll work with you to make that happen.
Please take a moment to send us a hosting application by clicking here.

Why host?

On it’s own, a StreetWindow is an installation Art piece, provoking thought and reflection, fostering insight and creativity, and offering an opportunity for self-directed curiosity for the passer-by.
As a tool to engage people and organizations, a StreetWindow opens a platform to innovate, generate connection, and lead in community transformation. As a host or host organization, you become a strongly connected hub in your network and can achieve an amplified collective impact.
A StreetWindow can foster deep resiliency, empathy and tolerance within a community, nurturing pride-in-community.

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